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Part A


Sociology is the academic domain which studies the social behaviour. It is about the study of the roots, development, organization of social behaviour. Sociology has grown to become a very broad subject, from individual entities to social structures.

Part B

Political Science

Political science is the domain which includes the analysis of government systems, political behaviour and political activity. It involves the study of both theory of politics and it’s practice. The study involved in political science in turn is considered as a determinant of power and resource distribution.

Part C


Economics is a social science domain, that involves the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in an economy. It focuses on the how economies work. It is commonly classified into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. While microeconomics studies the individual agents and other basic elements, macroeconomics focuses on the entire economy and factors affecting it.

Part D


History is an all enclosing term used for the study of past, especially about how it relates to the humans. History pertains to the examination, interpretation and analysis of events which are time gone by to record a pattern of cause and effects of the same. Archeology is study of the past activities of humans by the study of material and environment left behind by human beings. Archeology is considered as a branch of Anthropology. Anthropology on a whole is the study of humankind or humanity, this includes the social or cultural and the physical aspects of the human population

Part E

Geography and Geo-Sciences

Geography and Geoscience both focus on studying the Earth. While Geography is related to the study of land, its inhabitants, features and other phenomena of and on the Earth, Geoscience can be connected with a broader field of planetary science, with a long history associated to it.

Part F


Arts encompassed the varied range of human work and it’s product, which involves a technical and innovative skills. Psychology is applied science and an academic domain which is about studying the individuals and groups based on their mental function in individual and social behaviour. Philosophy studies the problems pertaining to the reality, life, existence, reason, knowledge, mind, values and language.

Part G

Linguistic and Literature

Linguistics is the study of language form, language meaning and context of language. It is the scientific study of language, which includes the learning of sounds, symbols and meanings. It not only deals with the semantics, context and sound but also with social, political, historical and cultural influence on a language. Literature gives account of any written work in any language, along with spoken or sung words. Literature has been broadly classified into fiction and nonfiction or poetry and prose.

Part H

Education, Library Science, Sports Science, and Physical Education

Education is learning of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits, which are transferred from a group of people to another generally over a generation through various methods like teaching, training, discussion or research. Library science is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study which, involves the collection, organization, preservation, and distribution of information resources.

Part I

Public Administration, Forensic Science, Military Science, Media

Forensic science is the method of collecting and scrutinizing information about the past which can then be use for court of law. Military science is the study of military process, behaviour , institutions, study of warfare. It studies the theory, methods and practices involved in military. Public administration is the academic domain which studies the implementation, it’s effects and equip the civil servant to work in the public administration.

Part J

Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary

Interdisciplinarity is the inclusion of multiple academic disciplines in a single study or research project. It helps in pooling the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better suited problems. A multidisciplinary way is based on designing aptly from diversified disciplines to reformulate situations external to the common boundaries and find solutions established on a new understanding of complicated circumstances.

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